The History

CRICOVA is the biggest and one of the most impressive wine cellar from Europe. Our history starts since 1952.

They say there are places on earth blessed by heaven, which, by virtue of fruitfulness of the soil and diligence of the people, have generated things of unfading value and favored activities witch ennobled and conserved their names in the honorable echoes of eternity.


The history of “Cricova” Winery became a part of the Moldovan national history because of being instrumental in a matter of development and assertion of the wine-growing sector inside the country, as well as spreading its fame abroad.


Our pride is sparkling wine produced according to the French classic method -“Méthode Champenoise”, discovered by the reputable monk Dom Pierre Perignon and the remarkable still wines that are famous in the whole world.


Let's discover this amazing place with very unique touch together



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