Red semidry wine

Product features "Amplius" is a noble and elegant wine, produced on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Integrated Factory for Production of Wines "Cricova". The wine was prepared manually from the selected ripe Merlot grapes. The winemaking process, called "appassimento", involves drying the grapes, which accumulate rich and complex flavors.
Product features The wine was prepared for two years in French oak barrels, and then another year in bottles in the Cricova cellars. Thanks to long aging, the wine acquires a complex and complete character. Thus, it reveals its best properties at the time of uncorking. "Amplius" is a luxury wine with excellent aging potential.
Product features Dark red ruby
Product features Forest berries, black cherry, oak bark
Product features 16 %
Product features 15-18 °C
Product features Game meat, grilled red meat, cheeses